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Iya Lion Jamaica, Whole Island Tours has been born of a long time love of Jamaica: the island, the music, the culture, the people, the rhythms, the beauty, and the blessings. Through connections to the people and the opportunities on this site, anyone can see Jamaica like a visitor instead of a tourist.

The definition of a tourist is someone who travels away from their own home for pleasure or culture. While a tourist my select to isolate themselves from the culture of the place to which they have traveled - by traveling in packs and/or staying at international all-inclusive resorts which only manage to impart a portion of the flavor of their hosting country - a visitor will venture forth with more independence and curiosity about the place they are visiting.

It is the visitor who moves away from the all-inclusive resort style vacation. It is the visitor who surrounds themselves with the culture and spirit of the place to which they have traveled. It is the visitor Iya Lion would like to reach.

Here are the first tips for enjoying your trip to Jamaica!

Your experience will depend on the time and money you have to spend, and also the style of trip you would like to take. This site will be worked on over the next few months to offer places and tips for those people who are not afraid to venture off the all-inclusive grounds.

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Your personal Jamaica dream can come true!

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More Soon! Jah Guide and Bless!

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